• Accessories
    Windesign accessories is a nice range of products like tiller extensions, bags, clothing and other accessories
  • Bags
    Windesign offers a range of waterproof sailing bags from 5 liter up to 40 liter, backpacks and big storage sailing bags with and without wheels
  • Clothing
    Windesign clothing range with a good price-quality level, an ideal clothing range for the dinghy sailor, trapeze harness, buoyancy aid, spray tops and more
  • Laser
    Windesign offers a range of Laser compatible products from trolley, hiking strap, wind indicator, tiller, tiller extension, mainsheet, rig support, top and bottom covers
  • Sails
    Windesign Sails
  • Thimble - Lead rings
    Windesign thimbles and Windesign lead rings for dinghies and catamarans
  • Tiller extension
    Windesign tiller extensions are supplied as aluminium and carbon tiller extension with a diameter from 16mm to 20mm and a lenght from 60cm to 250cm
  • 420
    Windesign offers a range of 420 compatible products from 420 main sail, 420 jib, 420 spinnaker, mast cover, boom cover, foil bags, top and bottom covers