Hikers provide the Dinghy sailor (especially with the Optimist) protection of the thighs so that you can hang (hike) on the edge of your dinghy. Hikers are essential to prevent acidification of your thighs. Sailcenter has different types of hikers in stock. Just put on a pair of short hikers over your drysuit or sailing pants. This way it remains protected against wear. There are also hikers with shoulder straps that fit well over your lycra or wetsuit. Don't want to wear all over pants but still want protection? Then wear Powerpads under your wetsuit. They ensure that your suit remains smooth on the outside. With Powerpads it is important that they fit tightly around your legs and are short enough so that they do not sit in your knee. Sailcenter also sells wetsuits where the Powerpads are already included in the suit. Enough choice!

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