• Accessoires
    Sailcenter offers a selection of catamaran accessories for Hobie cat, Nacra catamaran, Formula 18 catamaran, F18 catamaran and all other beach cats
  • Battens
    Sailcenter has a wide range of fiberfoam battens in stock and soft, medium and stiff top battens. All fiberfoam catamaran battens can be ordered on length
  • Beam fittings
    Sailcenter has all beam parts in stock which are screwed, rivited or bolted on the Formula 18 catamaran front beam and on the Formula 18 catamaran rear beam
  • Blocks
    Sailcenter supplies all catamaran blocks for the mainsheet, jib sheet, gennaker sheet and all tuning blocks from Harken blocks, Ronstan Marine and Allen brothers. If you cannot find the block you are looking for, please contact us.
  • Hull fittings
    Hatch covers for Hobie Cat Tiger, Hobie Wild Cat, Capricorn, C2 catamaran, Nacra catamaran and transom drain bungs, transom fitting, daggerboards slot strip for all other beach cats
  • Rudder fittings
    We have various catamaran rudder parts in stock for direct shipping. If you cannot find the part you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Spar fittings
    Especially for the Formula 18 we have a lot of mast fittings in stock, complete downhaul systems, gennaker halyard blocks, cunningham system and mainsail halyard sheeves
  • Spipole fittings
    If you cannot find the gennaker pole part you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Trailer - Trolley
    We supply two Kalf catamaran trailers, one for catamarans up to 16 foot and one for catamarans longer than 16 foot. Both trailers are supplied with the COC approved paperwork so you can register the trailer in any European country. As an option we supply a polyester trailer box so you can store all your sailing parts.
  • Trapeze parts
    Various trapeze rings in stock, if you are sailing on salt water we recommend the hard anodised trapeze adjuster.