• Accessoires
    Sailcenter supplies a wide range of Laser sailboat accessories. All accessories in stock, order now, shipped today.
  • Blocks
    Sailcenter offers a range of Laser classic mainsheet blocks and a range of Laser xd mainsheet blocks, all blocks in stock.
  • Boats
    Sailcenter is distributor for the Laser 4.7 - Laser Radial - Laser Standard. All Lasers are available in Race and XD version
  • Classic
    Laser classic boat parts in stock like mainsheet blocks, traveller blocks and vang blocks. The Laser vang blocks are updated in 2002 and the Laser mainsheet blocks are updated in 2015
  • Covers
    Sailcenter supplies a huge range of Laser top covers, Laser under covers and Laser foil bags from various brands, all in stock. Order now, shipped today.
  • Foils
    Sailcenter carries a large selection of Class legal Laser rudders, Laser daggerboards, Laser fricton pads and daggerboard stoppers all-in stock.
  • Hiking strap
    We have a variety of Laser hiking straps in stock, soft padded hiking straps and straps with a maximum grip on your sailing boots.
  • Hull - Deck fittings
    Sailcenter has everything you need to maintain or upgrade your Laser hull and deck fittings. Choose from a wide selection of cam cleats, bailers, bungs, drain plugs, mainsheet ratchet blocks, fairleads and more
  • Repair
    We stock simple Laser gel coat repair kits to make simple gel coat repairs on your boat. For bigger damage we advice to contact one of our repair partners
  • Ropes - Lines
    Laser control lines in a variety of sizes and quality, different Laser mainsheets for strong or light wind conditions and good grip in the ratchet block
  • Sails
    Sailcenter has all Laser sails in stock including batten sets, 230 mm sailnumbers and 230 mm sailletters fot the Laser 4.7. 300 mm sailnumbers and 300 mm sailletters for the Laser Radial and Laser Standard. We can also apply the sailnumbers and letters for you.
  • Spars
    All class legal Laser spars in stock
  • Tiller - Tiller extension
    We have a huge selection of Laser tillers and tiller extensions in stock, available in aluminium or carbon, round or oval in various length and diameter
  • Trailer - Trolley
    Sailcenter has various trolleys in stock from lightweight aluminium to steel stacking trolleys. The steel Laser trolleys fit on the Laser road base trailers to make the ideal comi-trailer.
  • XD Accessoires
    Upgrade your Laser from classic to XD with our range of Laser XD upgrades. XD accessories make trimming your outhaul, downhaul and Vang realy simple