• Boat repair
    We stock simple gel coat repair kits to make simple gel coat repairs on your boat. For bigger damage and fibre glass or carbon damage we advice to contact one of our repair partners
  • Bolts
    Sailcenter supplies high quality marine grade stainless steel nuts and bolts which are suitable for all boats, blocks and other parts we sell
  • Clevis pins
    Sailcenter supplies a huge range of clevis pins in a variety of sizes, length and diameter. Make sure you choose the correct diameter for the job.
  • Drop nose pins
    All drop nose pins feature a spring loaded mechanism that positively locks in either the open or closed position, if you cannot find the pin you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Fast pins
    Fast pins are used for quick and easy shroud adjustment, can also used to maximize your traveller position. In stock, order now, shipped today.
  • Maintenance
    Sailcenter supplies a range of cleaning products which are easy and quick to use by hand not with a polish machine. Most of our cleaning products are an easy to apply hightech dry lubricant that makes sails, hulls, rigging, hardware and anything that moves on your boat run smoother and last longer.
  • Rings
    We supply plastic and stainless steel rings. Rings are simple, lightweight and used to route lines that require minimal fine-tune adjustment.
  • Rivets
    Sailcenter supplies a range of pop rivets for sailing which can be used on salt water as well. We have monel rivets, stainless steel rivets and aluminium rivets. Make sure you choose the correct rivet for the job.
  • Self tappers
    High quality marine grade stainless steel panhead and countersunk self tappers
  • Shackles
    Choose the shackle you want, we stock standard Dee shackles - wide Dee shackles - twisted shackles - bow shackles - halyard shackles. All in stock, order now, shipped today
  • Snap shackles
    Snap shackles are available in different models and different sizes, standard snap shackles, trigger snap shackles and quick release snap shackles
  • Split rings
    Split rings are used to lock your clevis pins, to be sure, always use vulcanizing tape to secure the split rings
  • Tape
    Sailcenter offers a huge selection of easy to apply, self adhesive tapes and repair tapes for spinnakers, kites, dacron sails, kevlar, mylar and monofilm sails
  • Thimble-lead rings
    We stock a variety of high load teflon coated anodised aluminium thimbles and lead rings which are an alternative to blocks where static load is applied.
  • S-hooks
    High grade marine stainless steel S-hooks feature a closed eye and long return leg to ensure a positive attachment and avoid accidental release