• Accessoires
    Sailcenter has a range of Laser Bahia accessories in stock like mast head floats, burgees, top and bottom covers, tie down straps, repair kits and more
  • Blocks
    In this category you will find all your Laser Bahia mainsheet, jib sheet and gennaker blocks. If you doubt about the dimension do not hesitate to contact us
  • Boats
    Sailcenter is ditributor for the Laser Bahia, the Laser Bahia is supplied with a reefable mainsail and furling jib. As an extra you can add a Laser Bahia gennaker kit, Laser Bahia trapeze set, Laser Bahia outboard bracket and a storage box.
  • Foils
    All parts for your Laser Bahia rudder and Laser Bahia daggerboard in stock. If you want to sail your Laser Bahia single handed a telescopic tiller extension is recommended
  • Hull - Deck fittings
    Laser Bahia hull fittings and Laser Bahia deck fittings all in stock and easy to assemble, if you don't want to do it yourselves, please contact us and we do it for you
  • Rigging
    Sailcenter has a full range of standing and running Laser Bahia rigging in stock in case you want to replace or update your old rigging
  • Ropes - Lines
    Sailcenter offers all Laser Bahia ropes as separate item or all ropes and lines complete in a rope pack so your Laser Bahia will look like new again
  • Sails
    The Laser Bahia is supplied with a dagron reefable mainsail and a furling jib, as option you can add the gennaker kit for more fun and speed downwind
  • Spars
    Sailcenter stocks all Laser Bahia spars like the mast, boom, Gnav and gennaker pole but also all small mast and boom spare parts for the gooseneck, in and outboard boom brackets, mast step, drop nose pins and more
  • Trailer - Trolley
    The Laser Bahia is supplied with a trolley that will protect your boat from dragging it over the ground and the trolley fits on a road base trailer for easy towing behind a small car