• Accessoires
    For your 29er we have a tacktick compass with a tacktick bracket so you will always sail the right course and a Loos gauge rig tension gauge, both for optimising your 29er sailboat performance.
  • Blocks
    We stock a variety of Ronstan, Harken and Allen 29er mainsheet blocks, 29er jib sheet blocks and 29er gennaker blocks.
  • Boats
    The 29er are available as a complete boat ready to race or as a complete hull so you can add your own rig, the standard 29er rig.
  • Covers
    Sailcenter supplies a range of 29er top covers, 29er bottom covers, 29er foil and mast bags, all in stock. Order now, shipped today.
  • Foils
    The 29er GRP daggerboard and 29er GRP rudder blade are lighter and stronger than the aluminium foils. The 29er composite foil set is best stored in a padded combo bag for maximum protection.
  • Hull - Deck fittings
    Sailcenter has everything you need to maintain or upgrade your 29er hull and deck fittings. We can also replace the grabrails in your old 29er hull for the newer non leaking deck layout with kick bars.
  • Rigging
    All standing and running 29er rigging in stock, please note that all top sailors do use the 29er shrouds with the Bluewave turnbuckles and the adjustable 29er forestay.
  • Ropes - Lines
    All 29er ropes and lines like mainsheets, mainsheet bridles, vangs, outhauls are available in standard polypropylene ropes to hightech double tapered Technora and Dyneema ropes
  • Sails
    The 29er is equiped with a fully battened mainsail and jib both made out of Mylar film. The 29er gennakers are supplied in various colours. All 29er sails are in stock and can be shipped world wide.
  • Spar fittings
    In this section we offer you all 29er mast and 29er boom fittings, if you cannot find the 29er item you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Spars
    All 29er mast parts in stock like 29er mid mast, 29er bottom mast, 29er top mast and 29er masts specific parts. Also available as a complete mast ready to race. Of course we also have the 29er boom and 29 gennaker pole is stock.
  • Trailer - Trolley
    The 29er can be supplied with a foldable lightweight aluminium launching trolley or a steel launching trolley. The steel 29er launching trolley fits on a standard Kalf road base trailer.