Do you sail in colder temperatures? Then you know how quickly you can cool down and how cold it can get! A dry suit is the ideal solution to keep you warm. A dry suit is a whole suit (onepiece) that covers your entire body, except for your head and hands, and keeps you warm and dry. They are waterproof because of the neoprene neck and wrist cuffs. The socks are attached to the suit (tip: if you buy sailing shoes 1 size larger, the socks of your drysuit will fit in!) The slanted zipper on your chest makes it easy to get in and out of your suit. The suspenders on the inside of the suit ensure that your suit does not slip. We recommend to wear your drysuit comfortably in combination with thermal underwear. Sailcenter has a wide range of dry suits in stock from Gill, Magic Marine, Neilpryde for adults and children.

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