• Books
    Our range of sailing and splicing books are for every sailor. It does not matter if you are a starter or experienced, there are a lot of tips and tricks for everybody.
  • Compasses
    Tactical compass instruments can be used for distance to line, heading, direction and speed. All compasses allow sailors to read the actual course on port and starboard tack from the sailors normal position.
  • Knives
    Knives are an essential marine tool in any sailor’s kitbag. Sailing knives and marine tools are perfect for simple on-board maintenance and in case of emergency.
  • Splicing
    Sailcenter supplies a wide range of splicing tools, scissors, spikes and needles suitable for different ropes with a different diameter. Please also have a look at the splicing books we sell.
  • Stickers
    Sailcenter offers calibrated strip stickers, measurement stickers and flag stickers. All in stock, order now, shipped today
  • Sunglasses
    We offer unisex sunglasses which feature polarized lenses, which block the harmful, UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation. Most sunglasses are floatable, glare free and shatter-resistant.
  • Tension gauges
    Tension gauges for standing rigging on dinghies, sportsboats and catamarans, for measuring cable tension on the standing rigging like front stay, back stay, shrouds and diamond wires
  • Watches
    All sailing watches have big numbers, count down and repeat mode. Different programs: 5,4,1,0 sequence and 5min, 3min and 1min programs
  • Wind Indicators
    We stock a wide range of wind indicators varying from tell-tales to burgees and from mast head to in front of the mast wind indicators