• Accessoires
    Sailcenter offers a range of Laser Bug accessories like Laser Bug row locks, Laser Bug oars and a Laser Bug engine bracket to fit a light outboard engine
  • Blocks
    We stock Laser Bug mainsheet blocks and Laser Bug Vang blocks. Order now, shipped today.
  • Boats
    We have new Laser Bugs in stock and a range of used Laser Bugs. The Laser Bug is the ideal youth boat, which can be used as sail, row and motorboat. The Laser Bug is standard supplied with a reefable mainsail and can easily be upgraded with the race sail. As an option we sell an outboard brecket which fits the boat without drilling, so you can use the Laser Bug as a small motorboat as well. The boat is supplied including oar locks, so you can use it as a small rowing tender as well.
  • Foils
    The Laser Bug is equipped with a floatable aluminium rudder and daggerboard, in case you might loose it on the water.
  • Hull - Deck fittings
    Sailcenter has everything you need to maintain or upgrade your Laser Bug hull and deck fittings
  • Ropes - Lines
    Sailcenter offers all Laser bug ropes as separate item or all ropes and lines complete in a rope pack so your Laser bug will look like new again
  • Sails
    The Laser Bug is standard supplied with a furling mainsail but you can easily upgrade to the race mainsail by only swapping the top mast
  • Spars
    After sailing you can store the Laser Bug top mast, lower mast and boom in the cockpit of the Laser Bug. Cover your Laser bug with a top cover to keep your boat and spar set nice and clean
  • Trailer - Trolley
    With the Laser Bug you can either use the wheel in the bow of the boat or a trolley. You can easily roll on and off the trolley on the combi light road base for easy transport behind a small car.