• Laser
    Sailcenter has all Laser sails in stock including batten sets, sail numbers and letters fot the Laser 4.7, Laser Radial and Laser Standard. We can also apply the sailnumbers and letters for you.
  • Laser 2000
    The Laser 2000 is available with standard sails
  • Laser Bahia
    The Laser Bahia is supplied with a dagron reefable mainsail and a furling jib, as option you can add the gennaker kit for more fun and speed downwind
  • Laser Bug
    The Laser Bug is standard supplied with a furling mainsail but you can easily upgrade to the race mainsail by only swapping the top mast
  • Laser Pico
    The Laser Pico is standard supplied with a furling mainsail and a jib. You can easily upgrade your Pico to a Pico Race by only swapping the mainsail. You do not have to change the mast, boom or ropes, everything stays the same, except the mainsail ofcourse.
  • Laser Stratos
    The Laser Stratos is standard supplied with a reefing mainsail, a furling jib and a gennaker.
  • Laser Vago
    The Laser Vago is available with the standard gennaker and reefable dagron mainsail or the race mainsail with race gennaker, the furling jib is always the same