• Accessoires
    We have tried to show all Dart 18 parts in this category. If you cannot find the Dart 18 catamaran part you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Beam fittings
    Sailcenter has all beam parts in stock which are screwed, rivited or bolted on the Dart 18 front beam and on the Dart 18 rear beam
  • Hull fittings
    All Dart 18 catamaran hull fittings in stock like Dart 18 transom fittings, Dart 18 bridle plate, Dart 18 shroud plate, Dart 18 hatch cover and footloops
  • Mast
    A complete new Dart 18 catamaran mast is supplied including mast foot, halyard sheeves, halyard hook plate and spanner bar, ready to race
  • Rigging
    Dart 18 standing and Dart 18 running rigging like shrouds, bridle wires, trapeze wires, main halyard, jib halyard, shackles and more: all in stock
  • Ropes - Lines
    All Dart 18 ropes and lines like mainsheets, mainsheet bridles, vangs, outhauls are available in standard polypropylene ropes to hightech double tapered Technora and Dyneema ropes
  • Rudder - Rudder fittings
    All Dart 18 rudder parts like Dart 18 rudder blade, bolt, sleeves, upper and lower castings, lock rollers with wire and ofcourse a complete rudder ready to race port and starboard
  • Sails
    The Dart 18 catamaran is standard supplied with a fully battened dacron mainsail and a dacron jib, the Dart 18 gennaker kit is an option, mainsails and jibs in stock at Sailcenter.
  • Tiller - Tiller extension
    For the Dart 18 we have an adjustable crossbar, a port and starboard tiller and 2 tiller extensions, one to sail the boat single handed and one to sail the boat double handed
  • Trailer - Trolley
    We supply a Kalf Catamaran trailer which is COC approved. The trailer comes with all the correct paperwork and can be registered througout Europe. The beach trolley has big balloon wheels for easy launching your Dart 18 even single handed.
  • Trampoline
    We have the Dart 18 trampoline and Dart 18 trampoline parts in stock. If you cannot find the Dart 18 part you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Traveller
    Sailcenter supplies the complete Dart 18 traveller car and also all small bits and pieces of the Dart 18 traveller car as spare item. Please contact us if you cannot find the item you are looking for.
  • Blocks