• Adjusters
    Selden stay adjusters and Selden vernier adjusters
  • Blocks
    Selden sailing blocks for open sailboats and catamarans
  • Boom
    Selden boom complete for all dinghies
  • Boom fittings
    Selden inboard boom fittings and Selden boom end fittings
  • Cam Cleats
    Selden cam cleats for efficient line handling
  • Complementary parts
    Selden complementary parts to complete your Selden sailing products
  • Drop nose pins
    Selden drop nose pins to connect boom, mast and Gnav
  • Furlers - Swivels
    Selden head sail swivels and jib furlers
  • Mast fittings
    Selden mast fittings and spare parts
  • Masts
    Selden mast complete for all dinghies
  • Rig packs
    Selden rig packs to complete your Selden mast
  • Spi - pole
    Selden aluminium spinnaker poles give you fast and safe spinnaker handling. All the fittings have well-rounded edges to prevent personal injury and damage to equipment. The extrusions are lightweight and very durable, and are fitted with pole savers to shield the pole against damage from forestay and shrouds.
  • Swivel cleats and Jammers
    Selden swivel cleats and mainsheet jammers for dinghies and catamarans
  • Trapeze
    Selden trapeze equipment for dinghies and catamarans