• Adjusters
    RWO stay adjusters and RWO vernier adjusters
  • Blocks
    RWO sailing blocks for open sailboats and catamarans
  • Bung - Drain plug
    RWO bungs for Optimist, Laser, RS sailing and Topper sailboats
  • Cam Cleats

    RWO cam cleats for efficient line handling

  • Clevis pins
    RWO clevis pins are available in different length and diameter, make sure you have the correct diameter, if the pin is to thin it might be to light for the job and will break.
  • Complementary parts
    RWO complementary parts to complete your RWO sailing product
  • Furlers - Swivels
    RWO head sail swivels and jib furlers
  • Hatch covers
    RWO hatch covers for dinghies and catamarans
  • Shackles
    RWO shackles for small boat sailing
  • Split rings
    RWO split rings to secure the clevis pin from falling out. We recommend that you use Self-Amalgamating Tape or Vulcanising Tape to secure split rings.
  • Trapeze
    RWO trapeze equipment for dinghies and catamarans
  • Wind indicators
    RWO wind indicators and RWO tell tales for dinghies and catamarans
  • Tiller Extensions