• Anti slip tape
    PSP anti slip tape is ideal for the slippery parts of your boat, more grip on the side of the boat when trapezing and in the cockpit during maneuvers
  • Dacron tape
    PSP Dacron sail repair tape is resistant to sea water and weather conditions, this tape is exceptionally strong made from a self adhesive polyamide fabric
  • Duck Tape
    PSP Duct tape is a self-adhesive, easy to apply, waterproof cloth tape suitable for temporary repair jobs on all sailboats, dinghies and catamarans
  • Kevlar tape
    PSP Kevlar repair tape is a high performance laminate tape for strong repairs to kevlar racing sails, Mylar sails and Monofilm sails
  • Mylar tape
    PSP Mylar repair tape is a transparant high clarity UV and salt water resistant tape for repairs to sail windows and mylar sails
  • Soft grip tape
    PSP soft grip tape is coated with a waterproof adhesive. Essential for the dinghy sailor, PSP soft grip tape provides extra grip where it's needed.
  • Spinnaker tape
    PSP spinnaker repair tape for all kind of spinnaker repairs and gennaker repairs available in 16 different colours all in stock at Sailcenter
  • Velcro tape
    PSP velcro tape available in 2 different colours and 2 different sizes all in stock at Sailcenter