• Accessories
    Optiparts accessories is a nice range of Optimist products like key rings, scale products, mini sails and more Optimist related items
  • Blocks
    Optiparts supplies a range of different main sheet blocks for recreational and racing purposes. Combine different sizes of blocks to create your personal set up and adjustments
  • Buoyancy bags
    Optiparts Optimist buoyancy bags are available in 7 different colours, available with a twist lock tube valve, about half the weight plus more stronger than PVC Optimist buoyancy bags
  • Complementary parts
    Complementary parts for Optimist sailing from Optiparts
  • Covers
    Optiparts Optimist hull covers and deck covers are available in high quality breathable materials and more economic non-breathable materials. Optimist hull covers are also supplied with extra pending for better protection.
  • Flexi joints
    Optiparts flexi joint connects the tiller and tiller extension. The flexi joint is fixed in the tiller extension and the saddle base is fixed on the tiller
  • Foils
    The complete Optiparts foils range consists of wooden Optimist foils, polyester Optimist foils and epoxy One Design Optimist foils for racing official Optimist regatta's. Most sailing schools do use the wooden foils in a polyethylene Optimist like the SailQube and Dragon Marine Optimist. The polyester Optimist foils are used in the entry level and Optimist club racing. As soon as you start national events all Optimist sailors do use the epoxy One Design foils.
  • Hand bailers
    Optiparts hand bailers are available in three sizes. Connect the hand bailers with a piece of shockcord to the boat so you don't loose them in a capsize
  • Hiking straps
    Optiparts hikings straps are speciall developped for Optimist
  • Hull fittings
    Optiparts supplies everything you need to fit out an Optimist hull with high quality stainless steel and nylon fittings like mast step, transom gudgeon, deck collar, hiking straps and more
  • Mainsheet
    Optiparts Optimist mainsheets. All Optiparts lines are available on a reel or measured to lenght. The Optimist race mainsheet is a tapered Optimist mainsheet which is 8mm in the hand and 6mm through the mainsheet blocks. Thick and soft where it touches your hand. Thin and smooth elsewhere for free running control.
  • Rope
    Optiparts supplies a wide range of Optimist control lines and Optimist sheets for the polyethyleen school Optimist like the SailQube and Dragon Marine Optimist and lines for the best racing Optimist like Winner and McLaughlin. From Vectran and Dyneema minireels to ready-to-use mainsheets and splicing accessories. Check your lines carefully on regular base; Optimist control lines and sheets are being used intense and should be replaced in time.
  • Sails
    Optiparts sleeve sailing school sails are very strong and long lasting. Optiparts sails are available as Tri-sail, School sail and School sail with reef eye. All school sails will fit on the Optiparts school rig, please note that for the tri-sil you also nee a mast extender.
  • Spar fittings
    All Optiparts Optimist spar fittings you need for your school Optimist and racing Optimist available from stock. Optiparts Optimist spar fittings for mast, boom and sprit
  • Spars
    Optiparts Optimist Black Gold racing spars and Optiparts Optimist club and sailing school spars are the most used Optimist rigs in the world. All in stock at Sailcenter
  • Tiller extensions
    Optiparts Optimist tiller extension, black or silver anodized aluminium Optimist tiller extension with a releasable rubber joint and golf grip or EVA foam grip
  • Tillers
    Optiparts aluminium Optimist tiller is suitable for all Optimist rudder blades. The Optiparts tiller is supplied with bolts, nuts and washers to mount on the Optimist rudder blade
  • Trolley
    Optiparts lightweight Optimist trolley can be disassembled in seconds with the quick release spring lock system, the trolley parts will easily fit in your car. All trolley parts are or anodized aluminium or plastic to make the Optimist trolley salt water proof.
  • Wind indicators
    Optiparts wind indicators for race and recreational Optimist sailing. All Optiparts wind indicators fit in the plastic and aluminium top pins