• Complementary parts
    Sailcenter supplies a range of Optimax Optimist fittings as spare parts or Optimist accessories
  • Foils
    Optimax foils are build by N1 foils for the best quality and finish possible. The Optimax rudder and Optimax daggerboard is the next high quality product from Optimax, like the Optimax sails and Optimax spars.
  • Sails
    Optimax sails are supplied in three options, cero, uno and dos. All Optimax sails are designed and developed with the best Optimist sailors and coaches. The Optimax Cero sail is a flat sail for light weight sailors, the Optimax Uno sail is a fuller sail for the medium weight sailor and the Optimax Dos sail is designed for the heavier sailors.
  • Spars
    Optimax spars are supplied in 3 different stiffnesses; MK3 Flex, MK3 and MK4 all made from Superior Lanurep space craft alloy. The MK3 Flex mast is for the lighter sailor and the MK4 for the more heavy, stronger sailor.