• Adjusters
    Allen stay adjusters and Allen vernier adjusters
  • Blocks
    Allen sailing blocks for open sailboats and catamarans
  • Bung - Drain plug
    Allen transom bungs for dinghies, used on most Laser and RS sailing boats
  • Cam cleats
    Allen cam cleats for smooth cleating and uncleating
  • Complementary parts
    Allen complementary parts to complete your Allen sailing products
  • Fairleads - Deck bushes
    Allen fairleads for dinghies, keelboats and catamarans
  • Fast pins
    Allen 5 mm fast pins and Allen 6 mm fast pins for quick and easy shroud adjustment
  • Hatch covers
    Allen hatch covers used on almost every sailboat, don't forget to order the rubber ring.
  • Lacing eye straps
    Allen stainless steel lacing eyes and eye straps
  • Swivel cleats and Jammers
    Allen swivel cleats and mainsheet jammers for dinghies and catamarans easy to adjust from every position
  • Thimble - Lead rings
    Allen thimbles and Allen lead rings for dinghies and catamarans
  • Tiller extensions
    Allen tiller extensions and tiller extension universal joints
  • Trapeze
    Allen trapeze equipment for 29er - 49er and catamarans
  • Travellers
    Allen travellers, accessories and Allen traveller spare parts
  • Wind indicators
    Allen mast mounted wind indicators and mast head wind indicators