• Accessoires
    We have got various accessories to upgrade your Optimist and also nice Optimist accessories to give away as birthday present, kids love Optimist birthday gifts.
  • Blocks
    Sailcenter supplies a range of school blocks to fit out a polyethylene school Optimist like the SailQube Optimist and also high tech racing blocks for all racing Optimist
  • Buoyancy bags
    Heavy duty Optimist buoyancy bags with a twist lock tube valve are about half the weight plus more stronger than PVC Optimist buoyancy bags. We run a special offer if ordered in a set of three with the Sailcenter logo.
  • Complementary parts
    Sailcenter supplies a range of complementary parts and spare parts for the Optimist
  • Covers
    Sailcenter supplies a huge range of Optimist top and bottom covers, Optimist foil and rig bags from various brands, all in stock. Order now, shipped today.
  • Daggerboard
    Sailcenter daggerboard range consists of wooden school daggerboards which are mostly used in polyethylene Optimist like the SailQube. Polyester daggerboards and epoxy One Design Optimist racing daggerboards from N1 foils and DSK foils
  • Hand bailers
    Optimist hand bailers and praddles in stock from Optiparts and Winner Optimist. The smallest bailer has a capacity of 3.5 liters and the bigger ones 4.2 liters
  • Hiking straps
    Simple Optimist hiking straps for polyethylene Optimist and race winning Optimist hiking straps with optimized padding for maximum grip and hiking control
  • Hull - Deck fittings
    We have everything in stock to fit out an Optimist hull with high quality stainless steel and nylon fittings like mast step, transom gudgeon, deck collar
  • Ropes - Lines
    All Optimist ropes and lines like mainsheets, mainsheet bridles, vangs, outhauls, sprit halyards are available in standard polypropylene ropes to hightech double tapered Technora and Dyneema ropes
  • Rudder - Rudder fittings
    Sailcenter rudder range consists of wooden school rudders which are mostly used in polyethylene optimist like the SailQube. Polyester rudders and epoxy One Design Optimist racing rudders from N1 foils and DSK foils
  • Sails
    Sailcenter supplies a range of Optimist school sails for standard mast and sleeve mast, but also a range of World Championship race winning Optimist sails
  • Spar fittings
    All Optimist spar fittings in stock for your Optimist School spars, Optimax spars and Black Gold spars.
  • Spars
    We have got all Optimist spars in stock. Optiparts and SailQube school spars for recreational and school use, for racing Optimist we have Optimax spars and Black Gold spars.
  • Tiller - Tiller extension
    All our Optimist tillers and tiller extensions are suitable for all Optimist rudder blades. The tiller is supplied with bolts, nuts and washers. The extension is supplied including the flexi-joint
  • Trailer - Trolley
    We supply lightweight aluminium trolleys which are easy to assemble and disassemble, all trolleys come with puncture proof wheels. In this section you will also find different trolley wheels and a range of trolley spare parts.
  • Wind indicators
    Wind indicators and tell tales are the perfect tool for precise sailing in all wind conditions and helps you take the best tactical decisions.
  • Winner parts
    All parts directly from Winner Optimist. These parts are standard used on any Winner Optimist like a maststep, hikingstrap, airbag, sticker, covers and foil bag
  • Hull
    The Optimist is available as a complete boat ready to race or as a complete hull so you can add your own rig