• Control lines
    There are 2 types of control lines, the one that you hold in your hand - covered control line. And the one that goes through the blocks - primary control line. The one in your hand is a Dyneema or polyester core with a cover. The primary control line is often a Dyneema. Primary control lines on dinghies and catamarans are a 2mm - 5mm Dyneema. Covered control lines are 4mm - 5mm. A basic rule is; the more Dyneema, the less stretch, the more expensive the line, price is quality.
  • Dyneema
    Dyneema is a super-strong rope, stronger than steel wires. Dyneema rope is available in different colours and diameters starting at 1mm. Dyneema rope is very easy to splice, Dyneema offers maximum strength with minimum weight and can be used for a lot of applications on board your sailing boat.
  • Sheet lines
    Sailcenter stocks a range of sheet rope from leading rope manufacturers like Marlow, Liros and FSE Robline. If you choose a sheet line the main characteristics for your sheet are: weight, flexibility, grip and the option to taper the sheet if necessary. If you want to taper the sheet choose the option dyneema core.
  • Shockcord
    Sailcenter stocks bungee and shock cord for sailing. Black and white shock cord is available from 2mm to 8mm, 5mm shock cord is available in multiple colors. Shock cord can be used as trapeze shock cord on catamarans, shock cord can hold your blocks in place, shock cord from shroud to shroud will prevent the spinnaker get stuck, shock cord can pull the outhaul in light winds and many more applications you can think of
  • Towing lines
    Sailcenter stocks towing line or towing rope, it is a floatable towing rope, it’s easy to untie even after being loaded in a tow and our towing rope has minimal water absorption to keep your sailboat as light as possible