• Bags
    NeilPryde sailing bags are ideal for all your dry and wet sailing gear. These sailing bags do have different compartments to split wet and dry
  • Boat covers
    NeilPryde Optimist and Laser boat covers, hull covers and foil bags
  • Footwear
    NeilPryde entry level sailing boots and Neilpryde hiking boots for trapezing and hiking can both be used with NeilPryde neoprene socks for warm feet
  • Harnesses
    NeilPryde trapeze harnesses for trapeze dinghies and catamarans
  • Headwear
    NeilPryde sun visors, NeilPryde caps and NeilPryde beanies
  • Spray tops
    NeilPryde waterproof spraytop with a high neck collar and soft micro fleece hydrophilic inner lining provide optimal comfort and warmth
  • Tops
    NeilPryde offers a nice range of neoprene tops to combine with your long john wetsuit
  • Wetsuits
    NeilPryde long johns and Neilpryde tops, the ideal combination for a perfect wetsuit