• Control lines
    Liros control lines can also be used as halyards, the control lines with Dyneema core do not stretch and can easily be tapered
  • Dyneema
    Liros Dyneema ropes are very spliceable and do have a high breaking load. With a small diameter and low weight it is a perfect replacement for steel cabling
  • Halyard
    Liros halyard are supplied with a polyester cover and a Dyneema or polyester core. Halyards with a Dyneema core do have less stretch than halyards with a polyester core.
  • Sheets
    Liros sheets are specially developed as mainsheet, jibsheet and gennakersheet for dinghies, sportsboats, and catamarans
  • Shock cord
    Liros high-elasticity shock cord with the best stretch characteristics. Braided out of a polyester core with a high quality latex rubber construction
  • Tapered
    Liros tapered mainsheets and gennaker sheets